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Watching the wrong bubbles

Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 14:56

Raking I know. Ridiculous. Who begins to fish for tench in October? Answer: Er.... I do. Over those perfect summer tench months - all those miraculous, bubble-infested dawns - I was simply too hard-pushed to get out there onto the river with the virgin tench-rake, drag a swim and then settle to fishing. This morning, far too late in the season, I finally had enough free time to do it, though I limited my efforts to raking out three swims only (which I'll duly fish in another 36 hours or so). It was hard, mucky work but enjoyable: a glimpse of a kingfisher, lots of olive nymphs and shrimps in the weed in the rake (which I duly returned to the edge of the water) and a chance find of someone's lost, loaded waggler. After I'd raked the swims I watched for tench-bubbles but saw only the wrong sort of bubbles - bubbles which were after-bubbles of the rake rather than bubbles that meant tench. Still, at least my tench-rake is no longer a virgin - and who knows? I may even, one day, catch a tench.

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