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The Grafham flies: Cove PTN

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at 08:56

Cove PTN If ever I need a pattern to represent almost any buzzer pupa I reach first for the Cove PTN, designed over four decades ago by Arthur Cove. I remember that in the 1970s Arthur Cove recommended that the pattern be dressed on a longshank size 8 hook - a giant stylisation of a natural pupa - but these days I think we tend to tie the pattern on normal size 10-14 hooks. It's hugely simple to tie - just pheasant tail closely ribbed with fine gold wire, and a thorax of rabbit fur. These days I spruce up the front end of the fly by working some sparkle fibres into the thorax. (You can glimpse those variants at the bottom of the image.)

The Grafham flies: Suspender Minkie

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at 08:50

Suspender Minkie The Suspender Minkie (see also below) is a great fry pattern. I use them in sizes 8 and 10. As well as tying some white versions of the pattern myself I also, and unusually, ordered some from the Bay of E: the fly-dresser 'marker6688', based in the UK (in Northern Ireland I think) supplied half-a-dozen wonderfully dressed white and brown variants, and did so very speedily. These patterns can be fished static, twitched, drawn stripped or in a figure-of-eight retrieve.

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