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Strawberries and the Lift

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 at 19:52

Strawberries There's going to be a fine crop of strawberries from the garden. There'll be another harvest to come. After that, the raspberries are looking good.

In between harvesting the strawberries and exam. season at work there's been a bit of angling experimentation with the Lift method. I went to a commercial fishery to do the experimenting, hoping for a sort of practice tench, but the evening was too hot and bright for tench and time was limited. I put up the Lucky Strike, fixed on a Trudex spooled with 3.2lb. mainline (too light for tench), closed two SSG on a sliding link under a peacock quill float and watched for bites from roach, perch, a bream, a roach/bream hybrid and three handsome perch. The bites themselves varied, from unmissable lifts of the float to twitches and dithers to straightforward pull-unders. The set-up was certainly sensitive though depth setting was critical. It was an interesting and absorbing few hours.

...two small bass

Sunday, 10 June 2018 at 18:05

...two small bass So. Baited spoon for flounders: three sessions, two different marks, different stages of the tide. On each session bar one I've caught...two small bass. Last weekend, in order to have a change from...two small bass I took a fly-rod to the estuary and tried to catch mullet: Spectra Shrimp and Red Tag (both size 14). These I fished dead-drift over a big shoal of mullet, which were bow-waving at the edge of the weed. At least some of these fish will have seen the flies. They spurned them. What didn't spurn them was a little bass, rapidly followed by another little bass, making a total of...two small bass. These are possibly the same...two small bass who have been persecuting me for the past fortnight.

Shortly I'm going to go fishing for tench. After an intense and well-thought-out pre-baiting campaign I'll swing a lobworm  in the general direction of needle bubbles fizzing in the chosen tench swim. And on current form I shall catch...two small bass.

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