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Of segmentation, theft and a moose

Saturday, 4 May 2019 at 13:00

Segmentation There's an image of natural buzzer pupae below (18th April). Two prominent features of the pupae are (i) segmented bodies and (ii) slim thoraces/wing buds, with a hint of buff and pale orange. Fly-dressers these days recognise these features of buzzer pupae: epoxy buzzers often use orange/yellow goose biots to suggest the thorax. You'll also remember Geoff Bucknall's Footballer pattern, which used black/white horsehair for the abdomen; when wound, this gave a markedly segmented effect. I once surreptitiously nicked a tuft of black/white horsehair from a hole worn in the seat of an ancient train (apologies to British Rail, of blessed memory) but that supply is exhausted. These patterns were wound with an old strand of, I think, moose. Three coats of Hard-As-Nails and there you are. Nice segmented effect and a slim yet visible thorax.

Rutland and the Dark Side 1

Saturday, 4 May 2019 at 10:04

Bung I have as lively a sense of fly-fishing tradition as the next person, but I went over to the Dark Side on Rutland and fished the Bung. The Bung is apparently controversial. 'It's a float,' scoff the scowling angels. Yes - but so is the Klink when you're Klink-and-Dinking, and few people see that as 'unsporting'. Yet the Bung is also a practical way of suspending buzzers at different depths in the water column. It struck me as significant, for example, that on Rutland all the fish bar one took the buzzer on the second dropper, eight or nine feet down. It wasn't that the trout were picking out a particular pattern; they were feeding - that is, many of them seemed to be feeding - at a particular depth. In sum, this was a promising experiment; in the right conditions the Bung, as a technique for presenting static or almost-static buzzers, has plenty to recommend it.
     I lashed up my own Bungs (tip: use rod-whipping silk). There's a handy YouTube video on so thanks and an acknowledgement to HMFlyfishing.

Rutland and the Dark Side 2

Saturday, 4 May 2019 at 09:58

Rutland rainbow They were bonny rainbows, averaging around 2lb. This one was destined for the bass and Howard's supper. We also released some good brown trout. There was plenty of action, the weather was mostly kind despite the arrival of a cold front, and the winds remained light. It was that splendid thing, a grand day out.

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