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Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 08:40

Sett entrance It's one thing to make a garden whose primary function is to support wildlife of different kinds. It's quite another when wildlife actually moves in to it. Birds, butterflies, insects of all kinds....abundant and varied plant-life....rescued or grown-on trees.... All this was more or less expected and I've had great joy over the past few years designing, developing and maintaining the garden. There have been some less welcome incursions - cabbage whites that did what it says on their tin and ate a whole crop of vegetables, a plague of rats - but these have been dealt with, usually (though not always) without poisons or pesticides. One recent happening that has flummoxed me is the overnight appearance of a badger sett, or part of one. It's interesting to have badgers in the garden but they can do a fair bit of damage if they dig under retaining walls and other structures. And my goodness, they can dig. At the moment I'm waiting and seeing. If we can live with these nocturnal creatures, who are after all fiercely and rightly protected by law, then we shall do so.

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