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Age, patina and cold weather

Monday, 2 December 2019 at 14:24

Aerial To Yorkshire, fishing with Steve on a day of bitter cold. The frost didn't get out of the ground at all and even wan winter sunshine didn't lift the chill. Still, during a short session we shared a catch of eight grayling (Steve five to my three), with Steve trotting and me manipulating the quiver-tip (badly). That was an interesting comparative experiment, since we were fishing only fifty yards apart in the same glide. What splendid grayling they were, too, fit and pristine, with two brace of them at or over the pound. At lunchtime I admired Steve's reel. 'Used to keep it for dapping,' he said. 'It's not really a trotting reel' - it looks to me like an Aerial C815 - 'but I cleaned and oiled it, I've given it a good bat and it runs really well. Bit of a wobble but you barely notice that when you're fishing.' He turned the reel over. We peered at the back-plate. Lovely patina. I reflected that although we have a bit of functionally insignificant wobble, as it were, we too have a fairly fine aged patina and generally run well...after you've cleaned and oiled and batted us, of course.

A lovely stamp of fish

Monday, 2 December 2019 at 14:19

December grayling They were a lovely stamp of grayling, with the best four at or over the pound. Good to see some smaller grayling, too - fish of 12oz. or so. This one (one of Steve's fish) took a small red worm fished on trotting tackle. Others took maggots (a red/white maggot cocktail seemed - as so often - to be favoured). It was a brisk few hours around lunchtime. By early afternoon the cold and the need to travel meant that we decided to pack in, but it had been a heartening session all the same.

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