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A scale for remembrance

Friday, 3 July 2020 at 15:32

Old tench Lovely dark old tench. Lift method, 11mm Source on a critically-balanced home-made bayonet rig (see next entry - and that's it with all the dirty talk). Also had some action from a carp - a massive if brief resistance as the line tightened....and one nacreous carp-scale neatly lodged in the bend of the hook. A scale for remembrance.

Fixing bayonets

Wednesday, 1 July 2020 at 16:50

Home made bayonet rigs I've been using some nifty shop-bought bayonet rigs of late. Because I prefer (wherever feasible and practical) to use tackle I've constructed myself I wondered whether it would be possible to make similar rigs, ones designed specifically for tench. It turns out that making your own bayonet rigs is simple: buy some bayonets (readily and cheaply available on the net), fix them onto 6lb. nylon, attach the nylon to a size 10-ish, strong hook (barbless or debarbed) with a knotless knot, then make a figure-of-eight loop at the business end of the nylon, i.e. the end you're going to attach to a terminal swivel.... and there you are. I make the rigs around 4" long, which is roughly the right length for fishing the Lift method. Put a grain of sweetcorn, a pellet or wafter or what-you-will onto the bayonet, sit back and wait until....until nothing whatsoever happens.

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