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Watching and waiting for mullet

Monday, 5 April 2021 at 15:33

Estuary image The mullet - both thick-lips and thin-lips - generally appear in April, with the thin-lips often seeming to arrive slightly earlier than their cousins. (Last year I saw the first mullet during the second week of the month, though I saw no sign of the fish today.) The bass are tardier, coming from late April and May onwards. Through the summer the estuaries slowly fill: mullet, bass, returning flounders. You'll often see the mullet circling on calm, warm days, pushing their way into the estuaries on the early tide. This year, having determined that there are indeed some thin-lipped mullet in the estuaries, I've rigged some baited spinners and will try to catch one or two as and when conditions allow. I may well be on a fool's errand but I usually enjoy changes of fish species and angling method and I usually learn something even when experimentation doesn't quite pay off.

Great year for blossom

Monday, 5 April 2021 at 15:23

Blackberry blossom Although the current bitter weather may yet nip the buds, it's been a grand year for blossom of all kinds. Whether it was the generally wet winter or that touch of warmth and sunshine last week I don't know, but I can't remember seeing so much fruit and early hawthorn blossom in this part of England before. That said, the cherry and plum trees in the garden aren't quite in bud yet. When the blossom does come I'm going to try and protect our fruit trees from the ravages of collared doves and woodpigeons, which together have ruined so much blossom and therefore so much fruit over the past three years.

Strange to recall that it was snowing just this morning. It was one of Housman's lyric voices who determined to go about the woodland rides 'to see the cherry hung with snow' and that description struck me as most apt this afternoon while I was looking at this bush, which isn't a cherry but which is (I think) a wild blackberry in full blossom.

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