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Friday, 2 July 2021 at 10:35

Chug Bug As so often, the theory was good - a shelving beach, an outgoing tide, and what by Essex estuary standards was remarkably clear water - but the bass were either absent or indifferent. I fished for a couple of hours over the top of the tide and the first of the ebb. There was just the big sky, the water sliding past, and behind my head, skylarks aloft at the edge of the meadow. Some tiny mullet fiddled about in inches of water as the tide ebbed. I changed from a 20g silver Toby to a Chug Bug and worked it winningly (as I thought) over the surface of the estuary. It was so calm that anything within twenty yards of the working lure would have seen or heard it. After a while I got stalled with the game. It may be that this mark is configured so that it needs the cover of night for the bass to feel they have security in such shallow water. So next time: dusk, and a making tide.

  In a saltwater context a single hook picks up less weed than the treble(s) found on the original lure, which is another advantage of re-fitting your lures with in-line singles.

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