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Suspender Minkie

Saturday, 25 November 2017 at 11:22

Suspender Minkie Bitterly cold day and I have no animus to get out there again and have all extremities freeze-dried. Time for some fly-tying - the first sessions of the winter. Because Grafham, Rutland and back-end fry-feeders have been on my mind I tied up some Suspender Minkies. Recipe: Kamasan B175 size 8; Silk: white Big Fly; Head: a tube of rig foam; Body: Hends Spectra #92; Tail and back: White mink strip; and a pair of epoxy eyes to finish off, affixed with Bug-Bond Lite. They're simple patterns to make, durable in use, practical for middle-aged eyes to see if you fish the things on the surface. There are other colour combinations you could try but I find a white Suspender Minkie just as effective, in the right circumstances, as a white standard Minkie. (NB. My old friend Gardiner Mitchell gets brown trout, rainbows, sea trout and even the odd salmon on his standard White Minkies, so the basic pattern's effectiveness is by no means confined to English stillwaters.)


Sunday, 12 November 2017 at 10:58

Trudex Domestic circumstances have meant that I've scarcely been able to think about fishing over the past two weeks. I have, however, fiddled about with a new second-hand Trudex 'pin - and christened this lovely old reel a fortnight ago on a mixed bag of roach, perch and dace. For much practical, short-range trotting and coarse fishing it seems to me that the Trudex is a splendid thing and good used models can be acquired very reasonably. They may need pimping, of course - this one did - but once pimped they spin well and are admirably reliable.

I hadn't expected to take quite so much interest in the traditional, even the nostalgic, yet for reasons I can't explain - or at least, can't explain quickly - the use of tackle of my own vintage sometimes gives me great pleasure.

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