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Saturday, 27 June 2020 at 10:50

Serviced Over the past months I've had a couple of jobs done by really fine British craftsmen - by Paul Cook, who did a wonderful job on an old Milward's Swimversa (, and by Garry Mills, who serviced four assorted reels and brought a Young's Sea Venture back to life ( The Sea Venture, incidentally, strikes me as a saltwater fly-reel that was years ahead of its time; it also has one of the most effective brakes I've encountered on any fly-reel anywhere. I still see the Sea Venture on second-hand tackle sites occasionally. Anyway, I here record my warmest gratitude both to Paul and to Garry.

Uses of the Dumbell Wafter

Sunday, 21 June 2020 at 06:57

Tench Chocolate-flavoured Dumbell Wafters.... 12mm. Source pellets....hi-viz, hi-protein mouldable synthetic sweetcorn. Yes, it's all gone a bit...contemporary. Sorry. Problem is that worms and maggots only attract and encourage the ravenous hordes of rudd, roach and perch so one is obliged to use alternatives. In the event, and after baleful adventures with some truly pointless if portly breams, I did catch and release a splendid tench on the Wafter - a lovely, young, hump-backed fish. Howard was there too and he also released a fine tench, so that was mission accomplished. Why is it, incidentally, that watching someone else's float is so much more compelling than watching one's own?

The point of breams

Sunday, 21 June 2020 at 06:50

Pointless There must be those who love them. I've never been able to see the point of breams. They flap a bit when they're hooked, they slime the line, they are duly returned. This one - a weighed 6lb - took a chocolate-flavoured Dumbell Wafter fished on a bayonet rig (and that's not a sentence I ever thought I'd commit to the English language). The fish was one of three, an evenly graduated lot of 4 - 5 - 6lb. which took baits intended for more meaningful inhabitants of the lake.

Tench on the Lift

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 at 15:15

June 16th tench June 16th - the traditional opening of the coarse season. For some reason one just has to fish for tench on this particular day of the angling year. Accordingly, obviously, unimaginatively therefore I fished for tench: raked the swim, watched for bubbles, meanwhile assembling a peacock quill float, 2 SSG, size 12 hook and two big brandlings presented on the Lift method. As things turned out I saw no tench bubbles and was hard put to avoid hordes of avid little rudd (and equally diminutive perch). Nevertheless, I did catch and release a tench - a fish of around 2lb. which inhaled the worms and gave a stubborn account of itself before coming to the meshes. To say I was delighted would be an understatement.

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