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Little tuna

Monday, 23 August 2021 at 22:20

Mackerel If mackerel grew to weights into double figures I suspect few anglers would fish for anything else. A magnificent predator.

Bit of a bugger's muddle

Monday, 23 August 2021 at 22:13

Hokkais I hadn't expected to fish for mackerel but I had brought along a fairly authoritative spinning rod and this evening, and because the mackerel were inshore, I fumbled together a string of hokkais on a paternoster above some sort of ounce-and-a-bit lead which was really too heavy for the rod. The drill was to cast, let the lead sink, feel it bump bottom and then bring the feathers back sink-and-draw. Great fun...and so too thought two local seals. Eventually the inevitable happened and I found myself tussling momentarily with two mackerel and a harbour seal. The seal got away with its supper and I was left a chastened man.

A limited case for plastic

Monday, 16 August 2021 at 11:19

Streamer box For the storage of saltwater and pike flies you need a big box. Slotted foam tears less readily than solid foam block. A commercially-available fly box suitable for larger patterns is made by Fulling Mill (the Xtreme Fly Box, sized Large). I wouldn't carry this around - it's too bulky and heavy - but as a robust means of home storage or of transporting a collection of flies on holiday it's ideal. In addition, the lid fits well and has strong clips, which helps to prevent moths from infesting your priceless collection of rabbit-fur streamers. Recommended.

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