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2021 Chris McCully has been writing, publishing and fishing for many years. On his 65th birthday he retired from academic and professional life. What are probably to be his last book-length projects have been or are are scheduled to be published in 2022-23 and these span his interests in poetry and linguistic/cultural history; in angling and ecology; in lexicography; in theories of place and belonging. Retirement has now taken him back to Yorkshire and (he hopes) to a quieter life where he can fish more, read and reflect more, play the piano more and continue to bring on his dog(s) - and another garden, the last of those he's designed and implemented over the years.

In these pages you'll encounter listings of and links to Chris's work. That work spans writing of different kinds (poems, translations, prose both academic and creative). This site offers comments on that together with some analysis of angling and related topics, haphazard accounts of and untrustworthy notes on angling days as they happen, some photographs, a list of Chris's major publications and a page of links. There's also some downloadable content here too, in the form of blog entries or drafts of essays. Thanks for reading.

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Academic work and other prose
All Chris's books - a chronological list

Latest News:
Names of the Fish (2022) has won an award...

"'Chris McCully’s stargazy pie of a book is rich in natural lore and assembled with etymological rigour' (of Names of the Fish, 2022.)" - David Profumo, The Spectator, 2022

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