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Covers of Chris McCully's Fishing Books Fishing and Pike Lures and Sketches with Fishing Rods These days, working and writing life involves angling or angling-related projects.

Current and (fairly) recent publications include Stour Diaries (2019), Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea-Trout (2013, website on, Fishing and Pike Lures (2009) and Sketches with­ Fishing Rods (2008)

These books are available direct from the publishers: Stour Diaries, Nomads of the Tides, Sketches with Fishing Rods, Fishing and Pike Lures or from Amazon - Nomads of the Tides, Sketches with Fishing Rods, Fishing and Pike Lures

Chris’s fishing books: an overview.

2019 Stour Diaries. Ellesmere, Shropshire: The Medlar Press.

2013 (with Ken Whelan and James Sadler) Irish Sea-trout: Nomads of the Tides. Ellesmere, Shropshire: The Medlar Press.

2011 Outside. Uig, Lewis: Available from The Two Ravens Press. 210pp. ISBN 978 1 906120 57 3. pb.

2009 Fishing and Pike Lures. Available from Ellesmere, Shropshire: The Medlar Press. 278pp. ISBN 978 1 899600 67 0. hb

2008 Sketches with Fishing Rods. Available from Lichtenvoorde: Westerlaan or Amazon (Ills. by Ad Swier.) 112pp. ISBN 978 90 808453 6 7. hb

2006 (editor) Ad Swier. Passion for Pike is available from Lichtenvoorde: Westerlaan. 240pp. hb. or Amazon

1998 The Other Side of the Stream Available from Shrewsbury: Swan Hill Press. 137pp. ISBN 1 84037 011 4. hb. [rpr US, Stackpole Books, 2004] is available from Amazon

1992 Fly-fishing: A Book of Words is available from Manchester: Carcanet Press. 280pp. ISBN 0 85635 931 9. hb. [rpr Oxford University Press, 1994, pb.]

I'm lucky enough to publish some work each year in that fine UK angling magazine Trout and Salmon, and have been associated with T&S for what are becoming rather many years. I was also proud to publish occasional articles in Waterlog. Those two journals were - and in the case of Trout and Salmon still are - an important part of my angling life, though like all its readers I grieve the passing of Waterlog.

While I've fished for trout and grayling for over fifty years - good Lord, over fifty - I enjoy trying to catch many different species of fish and always enjoy using a variety of angling methods. When I lived in Holland I spent a great deal of time fishing for pike - with streamers, jerkbaits, softbaits, spoons and spinners - and came to have a great respect for them. These days, having relocated to Yorkshire, I'm enjoying revisiting the trout fishing of my youth and younger adulthood (in the Dales and on local stillwaters), am relishing winter long-trotting for grayling and am becoming ever more interested in the sea angling to be found on local coasts. I still occasionally fish for tench in the summer and perch in the autumn and I also make trips further afield each year to fish for both trout and sea-trout. If you'd like to find out more about these fishing activities please visit the Notebook pages and details of current Fishing projects.

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