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Reviews of Nomads, June 2014

Wednesday, 25 Jun 2014

Ken has prepared a splendid digest of reviews of Nomads of the Tides. To see a further and fuller selection of reviews of Nomads please also visit:

“If you collect together all the words that have ever been written about sea-trout in Ireland, and put them together between the same set of covers, the result will be a pale shadow of the tome that McCully and Whelan have delivered……..Truly, they do not write books like this any more, almost certainly because you don’t come across such stellar combinations of writers more than once in an epoch.”

Andrew Herd – Waterlog Magazine

“It is commendably well written, painstakingly researched, laden with interesting history and full of fascinating detail. I shall treasure it on my bookshelf as a never ending source of information and inspiration….. a book to keep and refer to and to dip into year after year, or just to read for pleasure.”

Edwin Oxlade – Trout and Salmon Magazine

“…a true labour of love….It will prove invaluable to all sportsmen who seek those silver runners in the Emerald Isle…(it includes) a trenchant section on science by Dr Whelan, the fisheries expert…Dr McCully is a talented writer and his personal style makes the entire book a delight.”

David Profumo, Country Life Magazine, February 19th,2014

“Nomads of the Tides, co–authored by ChrisMcCully and Ken Whelan, is the definitive book on Irish sea trout fishing.”

Ashley Hayden –

“Nomads of the Tides explores fishing for sea-trout in estuaries – an area scarcely touched on to date….. unprecedented in scope and unrepeatable as a set of anglingadventures. ”

Derek Evans – Irish Times

“University academic and fly angler Chris McCully has teamed up with fisheries scientist Ken Whelan to log comprehensively 50 sea trout waters…they have set about the task with indefatigable gusto! My immediate reaction to Nomads of the Tides is that anyone buying it….is arguably three quarters of the way to being fully equipped when it comes to Irish Fly Fishing, merely awaiting the definitive book on Irish salmon for the full set. “

JeffreyPrest – Fly Fisherman Magazine, April 2014

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