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Grafham ­Welcome to Chris McCully's website. In March 2016 Chris's new collection of poems, Serengeti Songs (poems and photographs) was published. This title can be ordered from the publisher, Carcanet Press ( Chris has also recently delivered the typescript of The English Funerals (93 10-line prose poems) to Carcanet, and the new translation of Beowulf is now almost wholly complete (publication expected in 2018). Work on the angling, culture and history of the Stour valley continues (Stour Diaries). Chris's work on Irish sea-trout, Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea-Trout (with Ken Whelan and James Sadler, Medlar Press, supplementary website on, appeared in 2013. Three further books appeared in 2011 including Selected Poems (Carcanet) and Outside (Two Ravens Press). Reviews of all Chris's Carcanet titles can be found on the Carcanet website. A further co-edited work, Analysing Older English, appeared in December 2011 from CUP. Other recent(ish) titles include The Sound Structure of English (2009), Polder (poems, 2009) and Fishing and Pike Lures (2009). For a further glimpse of Chris's work in different fields, please use the links below:

Academic work and other prose
Recovery from addiction
All Chris's books - a chronological list

"To begin this collection with such a methodical assertion of futility is inspired…. A terrifyingly reasonable exploration…. This unsettling triple-threat of the 'Poetic You' is used to irreproachable engaging effect in the collection, and ensured I read the thing in one sitting….Whilst I enjoyed the lyrical exuberance of 'Polder' and the engaging demi-dialogue of 'Torquatus', it is 'Masterpieces' which shows McCully at his best….McCully has a real gift for embracing the impositions we make when attempting to engage with a piece of art ….Depth and humanity…. A beguiling book…." - Phil Brown, reviewing Polder (2009) in Stride Magazine

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