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Orkney ­Well. I wondered whether we might take down the website in the autumn of 2020 but was amazed at the number of queries as to where the old site had gone, why it had gone wherever it had gone and when it was coming back. I hadn't realised I had so many kind readers. And so here we are again - changed but the same, as it were. Or almost the same.... A bit older, a bit wearier, a bit more baffled, true, but still above ground and still more or less intact.

In these pages you'll encounter listings of and links to Chris's work. That work spans writing of different kinds (poems, translations, prose both academic and creative). This site offers comments on that together with some analysis of angling and related topics, haphazard accounts of and untrustworthy notes on angling days as they happen, some photographs, a list of Chris's major publications and a page of links. There's also some downloadable content here too, in the form of blog entries or drafts of essays. Thanks for reading - and for keeping this site going.

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The English Funerals published, March 2021

"'If you collect together all the words that have ever been written about sea-trout in Ireland, and put them together between the same set of covers, the result will be a pale shadow of the tome that McCully and Whelan have delivered, which is not so much impossible to put down, as difficult to pick up, there is so much of it. The 480 pages cover every trickle that once smelt a white trout and in the process you get treated to more insider knowledge and more good advice and more stories than any reader has a right to wish. Truly, they do not write books like this any more, almost certainly because you don't come across such stellar combinations of writers more than once in an epoch.' " - about Nomads of the Tides (2013). Andrew Herd in Waterlog, Winter 2014.

Note: with some minimal though­ important exceptions, you're free to download, share or cite anything in these pages, including photos. If you do so, however, please include an acknowledgement of the source in the new context, e.g. 'Text: Chris McCully, 2021', 'Photo: Richard Faulks 2020' and so on. Please note that otherwise-unattributed photos are invariably my own. Finally, do be aware that one or two images remain the copyright of the photographer who took the shot (or of the publishing house which retains the image) and where this is the case I have indicated it, so that no use of the relevant image is possible without obtaining written copyright permission first. Thank you.

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