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Academic and other prose

Sculpture of a man's face Chris's academic work includes: Metrical Phonology: A Coursebook (with Richard Hogg, CUP 1987); Available from Amazon

English Historical Metrics (co-edited with John J. Anderson, CUP 1996); Available from Amazon

The Earliest English (with Sharon Hilles, Pearson Longman). Available from Amazon
In 2009, CUP published The Sound Structure of English: An Introduction.

Chris recently completed a co-edited volume for CUP, Analysing Older English (December 2011). He ­has also edited or co-edited collections of literary papers and collections of conference papers, and has himself contributed to many such v­olumes.

Academic Book covers written by Chris McCully An overview of Chris’s academic books

2011 (ed., with David Denison, Ricardo Bermúdez Otero, Emma Moore). Analysing Older English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Can be ordered from the Cambridge University Press website.

2009 The Sound Structure of English: An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Accompanying The Sound Structure of English website). 233pp. ISBN 978 0 521 85036 0. pb.

2005 (with Sharon Hilles). The Earliest English. London: Pearson Education. 307pp. ISBN 0 582 40474 6. pb. Available from Amazon.

2000 (ed., with Ricardo Bermúdez Otero, David Denison and Richard Hogg). Generative Theory and Corpus Studies: A dialogue from 10ICEHL. Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 559pp. ISBN 3 11 016687 9. hb. Available from Amazon.

1996 (ed., with J.J. Anderson). English Historical Metrics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 257pp. ISBN 0 521 55464 0. hb. (pb. rpr. CUP, 2006). Available from Cambridge University Press
1987 (with Richard Hogg). Metrical Phonology: A Coursebook. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Rpr. 1990. 279pp. ISBN 0 521 30363 X. hb. Available from Cambridge University.­

Chris is editing Adam Knott's extensive work on 'A History of English - In Three Minutes' for electronic publication. By clicking on the document links below you will find section-by-section information on the history of the English language.

The sections are themed. Just click on the topic which you would like to research. Additions to this work will be made periodically, as the relevant shoe-boxes are found and become availabl­e, so please check back if you can't immediately find what you're looking for.

NOTE: because it remains in copyright, and indeed in its original shoe-boxes, no part of this work may ever be reproduced in any form whatsoever, and those who attempt to sing it (or even hum it a bit) in churches will be visited by the full, and not inconsiderable, weight of Adam Knott's legal team.

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