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Covers of Chris McCully's Fishing Books Fishing and Pike Lures and Sketches with Fishing Rods These days, working and writing life involves angling or angling-related projects.

Current and (fairly) recent publications include Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea-Trout (2013, website on, Fishing and Pike Lures (2009) and Sketches with­ Fishing Rods (2008)

These books are available direct from the publishers: Nomads of the Tides, Sketches with Fishing Rods, Fishing and Pike Lures or from Amazon - Nomads of the Tides, Sketches with Fishing Rods, Fishing and Pike Lures

Chris’s fishing books: an overview.

2013 (with Ken Whelan and James Sadler) Irish Sea-trout: Nomads of the Tides. Ellesmere, Shropshire: The Medlar Press.

2011 Outside. Uig, Lewis: Available from The Two Ravens Press. 210pp. ISBN 978 1 906120 57 3. pb.

2009 Fishing and Pike Lures. Available from Ellesmere, Shropshire: The Medlar Press. 278pp. ISBN 978 1 899600 67 0. hb

2008 Sketches with Fishing Rods. Available from Lichtenvoorde: Westerlaan or Amazon (Ills. by Ad Swier.) 112pp. ISBN 978 90 808453 6 7. hb

2006 (editor) Ad Swier. Passion for Pike is available from Lichtenvoorde: Westerlaan. 240pp. hb. or Amazon

1998 The Other Side of the Stream Available from Shrewsbury: Swan Hill Press. 137pp. ISBN 1 84037 011 4. hb. [rpr US, Stackpole Books, 2004] is available from Amazon

1992 Fly-fishing: A Book of Words is available from Manchester: Carcanet Press. 280pp. ISBN 0 85635 931 9. hb. [rpr Oxford University Press, 1994, pb.]

I'm lucky enough to publish some work each year in that fine UK angling magazine Trout and Salmon, and have been associated with T&S for what are becoming rather many years. I was also proud to publish occasional articles in Waterlog. Those two journals were - and in the case of Trout and Salmon still are - an important part of my angling life, though like all its readers I grieve the passing of Waterlog.

While I've fished for trout and grayling for nearly fifty years - good Lord, nearly fifty - I enjoy trying to catch many different species of fish and always enjoy using a variety of angling methods. When I lived in Holland I spent a great deal of time fishing for pike - with streamers, jerkbaits, softbaits, spoons and spinners - and came to have a great respect for them. These days, having relocated to England, I'm enjoying winter long-trotting for grayling, roach, dace and chub. Fly-fishing and fly-dressing are still important to me, of course, and in coming years I'm looking forward to returning to some English stillwaters to try conclusions with brown and rainbow trout. I love fishing some of the chalkstreams for brown trout and grayling and I also try to get back as often as possible to Yorkshire (to fish for wild brown trout and grayling) and to Ireland (sea-trout and brown trout). Very recently, too, I've become interested in the sea angling to be found on and around my local coasts. If you're interested­ in finding out more about these fishing activities please visit the Fishing diary and details of current Fishing projects.

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